Experience the best fishing adventure catching the most chunky, stocky and powerfully built fish of the Mexican Caribbean.

Welcome to Riviera Maya, the Swordfish grounds. The Riviera Maya offers one of the most attractive and consistent daytime swordfishing charter anywhere.

Our Swordfish grounds are anywhere from 10 – 15 miles from Puerto Aventuras Marina, a half an hour run aboard the “Tortuga”, wich is a beautiful 25′ center console Mako boat powered by twin Suzuki 140’s. We have the latest and greatest Garmin Marine electronics for helping us catch fish.

We fish in 1,300 to 1,700′ of water. Unlike nighttime swordfishing, daytime swordfishing is a completely different affair. Daytiming for Swordfish in Riviera Maya is very rigging intensive. It involves sending a single bait on an extra-long leader to the bottom, with 6 to 12 pounds of weight while drifting in the Caribbean Stream. We use thin diameter braided line to maximize line capacity and minimize drag so we can reach the bottom and feel the bite. We use heavy tackle to deal with the stresses of hooking a 100+ pounds fish in such deep waters. We use both electric and conventional reels, so it’s completely up to you what sort of tackle you want to use. We use a LP-S1200 to target daytime swordfish. We often fish a second, “buoy rod” as well which is usually a Shimano Tiagra 80 wide, manual crank.

Leaving from Puerto Aventuras Marina at 7:30 am, we recommend a max of 4 people. On daytime swordfishing we go out there for 8 hours and we offer a “ready to go” charter fishing trip including soft drinks, water, ice and coolers also fishing tackle is included.

Swordfishing is more than just a trend, Swordfishing is an accomplishment of a lifetime: it takes determination, patience and courage.

Catching a swordfish has become one of the most popular sport fishing challenges and anglers have managed to capture these predators around the world.

Swordfishing is for everyone. Swordfish must be on most anglers´ bucket list, and for a good reason, they are among the fiercest predators in the ocean, praised by anglers for their brutish demeanor, like a great trophy size fish, also swordfish are extremely good eating. Swordfish are famous for taking brutal runs and dives. Swordfish have an additional “battery”of strength in the base of the tail and their bill is much larger and wider than that of a Marlin or a Sailfish.

Swordfish are found worldwide in all temperate, subtropical and tropical seas, the Caribbean is known to be Swordfish breeding grounds. Swordfish are not schooling fish, but have been found in very loose groups.

Swordfish live 30 years and can reach up to 1,200 pounds at 14 feet long, they are opportunistic feeders and lurk in deep waters from 1,300 to 1,700 feet deep. Swordfish swim in all water columns, however during the daylight hours, they lie down on the bottom.

Swordfish are related to structures where strong currents create an upwelling of nutrients and bait.

Daytime swordfish average 100 lbs and are not uncommon to 300 lbs.

Mostly when a swordfish strikes the bait the rod tip only bounces an inch. There is a lot of line out with a very long leader, that´s why seeing the initial bite and reacting to it is very important. We may take the bait away from the fish to make him more aggressive or we may drop it back to try to feed him.

Once hooked Swordfish are known to shoot straight out of the water from deepest grounds in an instant then dive straight back down to the same depth offering one of the most exciting catches of your life. Swordfish are one of the fastest swimmers; 60 mph sprints are very common. Swordfish are chunky, stocky and powerfully-built fish.

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